Holy Joe’s Cafe!

Espresso on Coffe Beans


A place were our Troops overseas can go to get a comforting cup of coffee while they are so far away from home.  This is an outreach project of the Military Chaplains.

They have developed this idea as a way of providing our troops with a place where they can socialize, receive emotional and spiritual support, and be in a relaxed atmosphere after the tension of being on duty for many days at a time.”

The Outreach committee is collecting 1 pound bags of coffee for this wonderful mission.  During coffee hour please stop to check out the presentation board to learn where and how this mission started, quotes from different Chaplains and more!

HERE ARE THE SPECIFICS FOR DONATING COFFEE,  they may seem picky but they are for sound reasons:

Bags of coffee only (cans cannot be shipped)

Ground coffee (they do not have the means to grind whole beans)

Regular only (NO decaf)

Flavored is fine (as long as it is not decaf)

NO tea (this is a coffee mission)

Please support our Troops!  Bring in a bag of coffee and bring a soldier a taste of home!