Hot Dogs for Veterans!


3rd Annual “Hot Dog Stand” for Veterans

Our much appreciated hot dog stand for veterans and participants of the Seymour Memorial Day Parade is in the planning stages for 2015!

We are in need of donations of Hot Dogs, but only “Hummel’s Skinless”, and any kind of bottled water.  Last year, as a thank you, we were able to serve over 500 hot dogs and water, free of charge, to a lot of very appreciative people!  Items can be left in the kitchen, marked accordingly.  For more info please see Lynne Foreman or call (203) 881-1250.  Thank You and God Bless.

Memorial Day


A note from our Outreach Committee


Thank you to everyone who donated toward backpacks for our Covenant to Care families!

With just a little help we were able to purchase 18 backpacks along with:  Pencils, Pens, Crayons or Colored Pencils, Highlighter, Ruler, Glue Stick and a few Note Books each.  It really went well!


Friends please read the following appeal and special reminder from Seymour Congregational Church Outreach committee.

There are grocery bags ready to be filled waiting at the church-

“The SCC Outreach Committee would like to remind everyone that with the coming Thanksgiving holiday we all have much to be thankful for.  Let’s share our blessings and help to make this holiday a little brighter for others by donating non-perishable items that will be used to put together a Thanksgiving Dinner for those families in need through the Seymour-Oxford Food Bank and Spooner House.  Items needed are:

Potatoes canned/boxed/bagged ▪ Canned Yams ▪ Marshmallows

Gravy ▪ Stuffing ▪ Broth ▪ Canned Vegetables ▪ Canned Fruit

Cranberry sauce ▪ Applesauce ▪ Mixed Nuts ▪ Sugar ▪ Salt

Bisquick or Flour ▪ Pillsbury Quick Bread ▪ Muffin Mix

Jell-O ▪ Pudding ▪ Canned Pie Filling ▪ Pie Crust Mix

Evaporated Milk ▪ Powdered Milk ▪ Juice (canned or boxed)

Coffee/Tea ▪ Foil Roasting Pans ▪ Pie Pans ▪ Aluminum Foil

Plastic Wrap ▪ Paper Napkins ▪ Paper Towels

Grocery Gift Cards for Frozen Turkeys

Anything would be greatly appreciated


Thank you and God Bless!”