The main focus of the Christian Education Committee is to guide our children so they understand the meaning of God and their faith. This we do through our teaching of Christian Education and with Worship. In 2013 the Committee will focus on our senior youth to plan activities outside our church teaming up with the Naugatuck Youth and expanding our experiences in the community. Our teachers are volunteers who dedicate their time to ensure that we are giving our children a strong base with good moral values by teaching them to pray and practice their faith.

Christian Education is not just for our children. Adults never stop learning, therefore, we are working on offering the opportunity to adults of all ages to study, learn, and grow in faith, spirituality and friendship with one another.

Some of our Upcoming Plans…

An Adult Book Discussion Group that could meet once or twice a month.

Another way to attract families would be to host a program: Spring & Fall educational speaker meeting for the public about parenting issues, substance abuse & mental health issues.

The designing, building, growing and the maintaining of a Biblical Plant and Meditation Garden on the church property could be a wonderful Christian educational tool and asset for all of us. It could give our children a “Hands On” experience, as they learn about Jesus, who spent most of his time outdoors. This outdoor classroom would be a venue for teaching the parables, bible stories, prayers, music and creativity. It will also be a place for bible games and laughter. The participants will experience all of this through their senses by touching, smelling, feeling and seeing. God’s design, cultivation and wisdom will be revealed to everyone in this garden setting, as a symbol of how God has grown, cultivated and taken care of each one of us. This project is a means to spiritually connect our church members, families, and draw in new members to our church from the outside community.