Week of November 5th, 2017

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This Sunday

November 5, 2017

OLD TESTAMENT: Micah 3: 5-12
GOSPEL: Matthew 23: 1-12
SERMON “Let Us Practice What We PreachRev. Allyson Glass
The flowers today are given for Robert H. Marshall by the Marshall Family.
Please join us downstairs for Coffee Hour hosted by the Property Committee

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”
Max Lucado – Christian writer and preacher

LAY LEADER: Kim Majkner
GREETERS: Rob Majkner and Claudia Majkner
10:00 AM – Worship
11:00 AM – Coffee Hour
11:30 AM – Choir Rehearsal

Our Guilt is Gone
Yesterday I read a short devotional by Xochitl Dixon in which she relates a story from her childhood about guilt and confession. She writes: “As a young girl, my friend and I were in a gift shop when she shoved a handful of colorful barrettes into my pocket and yanked me out the door of the shop without paying for them. Guilt gnawed at me for a week before I approached my mom – my confession poured out as quickly as my tears. Grieved over my bad choice, I returned the stolen items, apologized, and vowed never to steal again. The owner told me never to come back. But my mom forgave me, so I slept
peacefully that night.” Like Xochitl there are many things that I have done and said in my life that I regret and have tried to put right through confession to our forgiving God and also through apology to the person or persons who might have been affected by my poor choice. Confession soothes our soul as it allows us to move beyond the incident and the past to a brighter future. While we can’t choose the consequences of our sins or control people’s responses when we confess and seek forgiveness, we are assured that our guilt is gone through the grace of God’s loving forgiveness earned for us with the death of our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ, on the cross.
Blessings, Pastor Allyson
Weekly Prayer
Forgiving God, I come to you asking forgiveness for the times I have hurt others with my words and poor decisions. I ask strength and courage to accept your forgiveness and the forgiveness of others as I seek to follow in your ways.

    Monday, Nov. 6 4:30 PM Weight Watchers
    7:00 PM NVA Community on Ministry
    Tuesday, Nov. 7 6:15 PM Girl Scouts #135
    Wednesday, Nov. 8 6:00 PM Girl Scouts #306


    SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18th ~ 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    IT’S CLOSER THAN YOU THINK! Once again, we will have our basket, quilt and tree raffles, Boutique, Bake Sale Table, Christmas Treasures Room, Kids’ craft area on our stage, craft booths and vendors. Our Snowflake Café will serve breakfast and lunch. As always, we cannot have a successful fair without your help!. We have reached our goal for gift baskets. Thank you everyone who has contributed to them. Items for the Christmas
    Treasures Room and the Boutique can be brought in by Nov 12th. Please also consider making a donation for our baked goods table or see Teresa regarding making a dessert for our lunch.
    **A sign up sheet for working the fair will be in fellowship hall. Please let us know if you can help by signing up!  You do not have to work the entire day, just help us out for a couple of hours if you can!

    We especially welcome any newcomers to jump in and get involved! See or call Karen Baker, Lynda Boynton or MaryJo Chevarella if you have any questions.
    IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT BAKED GOODS DONATIONS FOR THE FAIR: Please have your baked goods prepackaged and priced (if possible) and marked if they contain nuts.


    Person Placing this Order:
    Plant Size requested: 6”/$6.00 ea.
    8 “/$12.00 ea
    Given in Loving Memory of:
    Given in Celebration of:
    Please make check payable to: Seymour Congregational Church
    Your Poinsettia will add beauty to our church this holiday – So Please do not delay
    Orders must be placed with the school no later than November 30th.
    Plants will be delivered to the church prior to Sunday Service December 24th.
    Thank you in advance for your order, Merry Christmas Everyone!
    If you have any questions, please call 203-888-7826

    OUTREACH COMMITTEE will be collecting new and used coats for those in
    need in our local communities. Please look through your closets and see if you
    have any coats you do not wear. They will be collecting until December 2nd.
    Pastor Allyson will be holding a confirmation class for all interested students in
    grades 9 and up beginning after the first of the year. The confirmation journey is a
    time of intentional preparation in which to explore their faith, learn about their
    church and their denomination and come to more fully understand what it means to be a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Our time together will include opportunities for fellowship, participation in worship, community/church service, and a chance to attend a confirmation retreat at Silver Lake where our group will meet with confirmands from other CT churches. The class will culminate with a Service of Confirmation in May. Please contact Pastor Allyson at pastorallyson.scc@gmail.com or through the church office to express interest in the program. Our meeting times will be determined by the group to accommodate everyone’s schedule.
    FROM THE NOMINATING COMMITTEE: There are many positions that
    need to be filled for the upcoming year. Diaconate – 1, Christian Ed – 2, Music –
    3, Parish Life – 6, Outreach – 4, Finance – 1, Property – 7, Stewardship – 3,
    Nominating – 4, Auditors – 2, and a Moderator. If you might be so moved by the
    Spirit and would like to fill a vacancy, please contact Teresa Kregling at 203-881-
    2027, Leslie Miklus at 203-308-2628, or George Bashura at 203-888-7734.
    The Seymour/Oxford Food Bank is asking for help with sorting, dating, and
    boxing food for upcoming food drives:
    Boy Scouts on November 11th (12:00 pm – 3:00 pm and 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm)
    Police and Haynes Food Drives On November 18th (3:00 – 6:00)
    Now is the time to think about applying to TEAM for assistance with winter
    heating costs. Households qualify for assistance if they fall below these income
    $34,366 household of one $44,940 household of two
    $55,514 household of three $66,089 household of four
    Applicants are eligible based on review of their total gross household income,
    such as wage earnings, unemployment compensation, social security, pension,
    etc.; household size; and liquid assets, as shown through bank statements. If
    an applicant is approved for assistance, TEAM will make direct payments to
    their home heating provider.
    Both homeowners and renters who are residents of Ansonia, Beacon Falls,
    Bethany, Derby, Milford, Orange, Oxford, Seymour, Shelton and Woodbridge
    can apply for energy assistance from TEAM.
    To schedule an appointment with Energy Assistance please call
    203.736-5420 and follow the prompts.
    Milford residents – 203.783-3253
    Woodbridge residents – 203.389-3429
    Orange residents – 203.891-4787
    Bethany residents – 203.393-2100 X 124
    TEAM, Inc. is a private 501(C)3 nonprofit corporation whose mission is to strengthen our community by educating, supporting and empowering individuals and families. TEAM programs impact the communities of Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Milford, Naugatuck, Orange, Oxford, Shelton, Seymour, Waterbury and Woodbridge
    Please send your announcements to the church offce by Wednesday morning if
    you wish them to be included in next Sunday’s bulletn.