Week of 5/29/2017

 Memorial Day


10:00 AM – Worship

11:00 AM –  Hot dog stand and parade

11:15 AM – Quick Adult Choir Rehearsal


“Courage is contagious.  When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.”

~Billy Graham


EPISTLE    Acts 1: 6-14

GOSPEL     John 17: 1-11

SERMON   “A Prayer for Unity”   ~ Rev. Allyson Glass

The flowers are given today by Tom & Alyce Wells in Memory of Loved Ones.


Please join us outside for a hot dog and fellowship with our Veterans and friends.

LAY LEADER:  Laura Thompson

GREETERS:  Teresa Kregling & Debbie Volkmar






Our annual field of flags is a beautiful tribute to those who died while serving in our country’s armed forces.  The sight of all those flags as I drove into the church parking lot this morning filled my heart with a number of emotions; love for my country, nostalgia over the memory of my Dad marching in his army uniform in the Memorial Day parades of my youth, and pride in my church as we honor this day of remembrance with the display of flags.

It was a pleasure to be part of the group who gathered together to put the flags out on our church lawn.  Each of us arrived bringing our enthusiasm and the tools we thought would help to accomplish the task.  Some brought tape measures and yard sticks, others brought mallets and hammers, and others brought chalked string to set a straight line, and screw drivers and a power drill to make holes for the flags.  Working together we used what tools we had brought and gradually the straight rows of flags emerged.  As we worked on setting out the flags, people driving by honked and waved letting us know they appreciated our work.

I continue to be amazed at the generosity and spirit of this congregation as we continue to find ways of extending God’s extravagant welcome.  The outreach room is piled high with bottled water, the fridge is filled with hot dogs and the flags are out. We are ready to say to the community, come and celebrate God’s abundant blessings with us.

Blessings, Pastor Allyson


Prayer for Memorial Day

By D.A. Graham, Military Chaplain

In the quiet sanctuaries of our own hearts,
let each of us name and call on the One whose power over us
is great and gentle, firm and forgiving, holy and healing …

You who created us,
who sustain us,
who call us to live in peace,
hear our prayer this day.

Hear our prayer for all who have died,
whose hearts and hopes are known to you alone …

Hear our prayer for those who put the welfare of others
ahead of their own
and give us hearts as generous as theirs …

Hear our prayer for those who gave their lives
in the service of others,
and accept the gift of their sacrifice …

Help us to shape and make a world
where we will lay down the arms of war
and turn our swords into ploughshares
for a harvest of justice and peace …

Comfort those who grieve the loss of their loved ones
and let your healing be the hope in our hearts…

Hear our prayer this day
and in your mercy answer us
in the name of all that is holy.

Amen. The peace of God be with you.






Tuesday, May 30 6:15 PM GS #135

7:30 PM Survivors of Suicide

Wednesday, May 31 6:00 PM GS #60306

Thursday, June 1 6:30 PM GS #135 Leaders Mtg.

Friday, June 2 8:00 PM Eastern Star


There will be no Coffee Hour this Sunday, so instead . . .

Please join us for our 5th Annual “Hot Dog Stand” for Veterans and participants of the Seymour Memorial Day Parade

YOU ARE ALL WELCOME!  There will be plenty of shade under our large oak tree so please bring your lawn chair(s), have a hot dog, bottled water, and enjoy the company of each other, our Veterans and neighbors.  And don’t forget your Red, White, and Blue!

If you haven’t been by the church this week, here is a picture of our Field of Flags.  The display is quite impressive and such an inspirational reminder of what Memorial Day is all about ~ Remembrance, Honor, and Respect.  A very special Thank You to all our volunteers!

Bible Study:  Pastor Allyson will be offering bible study on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm.  The next study will be held on June 27th in the “Nursery” room across from the church office.  We will be discussing the “I Am” statements of Jesus over the next few months.  All are welcome to join the discussion and the fellowship.   

SNOWFLAKE FAIR:  2017 Snowflake Fair, Nov. 18 ~ if any members are interested in renting a space ($25), please see Laura Thompson.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY:  Do you like to knit, crochet, or sew?  I invite you to join our prayer shawl ministry.  Shawls or lap blankets are given to those who have suffered a loss, an illness or even in celebration of an event.  Have questions?  Please call Lynda Boynton at 203-888-5473.

PRAYER CHAIN:  The Prayer Chain is open to everyone.  There is an amazing strength from the power of prayer.  To have your email address added to our prayer chain so you will receive notifications of those in need of prayer, let Teresa Kregling know at kreg5@comcast.net or call her at 203-881-2027.  If you have a prayer request you would like to go out to the people on the Prayer Chain, email or call Teresa and she will send it out.

Please send your announcements to the church office by Wednesday morning if you wish them to be included in next Sunday’s bulletin.