Week of Dec 6th


On Sunday, December 13th we light the Candle of Joy reminding us that it is through joyful worship that we welcome God’s light into the world. Truly we will be worshiping with great joy as the choir presents our 32nd Cantata. Scripture inspires us to “Make a joyful unto the Lord” as we celebrate the great joy in our lives and in the lives of those we love.

We light the Candle of Love on the fourth Sunday of Advent. As we worship together on this Christmas Sunday we will sing beloved Christmas Carols and proclaim the coming of God into the world with the light of love. The four lit candles will light our Sanctuary with hope, peace, joy and love.
I can imagine the beauty of our Sanctuary on Christmas Eve as we gather to rejoice in God’s greatest gift to us, the birth of Jesus Christ. We will join Christians all over the world as we light the Christ Candle and wonder at the beauty of the light of our fully lit Advent Wreath. Each one of us waits impatiently for the wonder of the moment when we share the light of the Christ Candle with each other and our Sanctuary is bathed in the soft glow as we sing Silent Night and truly experience the hope, peace, joy, love of Christmas.

Prayer for the Week

Eternal God, we thank you that through all the years you have given peace to your people.  Help us to have your peace in our lives.  We pray that, in this Advent season, we may, by what we do, show your presence to the sick, to the hungry, and to the lonely, so that they too may have peace. Amen

(prayer from the UCC Book of Worship)



The Outreach Committee has been collecting for the Veterans at the VA Hospital in West Haven for years now – and this is one of the best times of the year to show our appreciation and respect for these individuals. The Veterans from Emil Senger CT Post 10 will be visiting the VA on Sunday, December 20th and will be able to deliver all of our gifts just in time for Christmas. The collection box is located in the Outreach Room located outside of the Nursery. If you have any questions please see Nancy Cretella or Lynne Foreman.
~ Thank you most sincerely and God Bless!

The following items would be very much appreciated for both men and women:
Snacks/food, candy-regular & sugar free, toiletries, note cards/stationary, decks of cards, socks, t-shirts, books, games and puzzles.



feed the hungry
Let’s share our blessings…

Times are tough for many in the Valley and any donation of food would help to provide some support and a more festive holiday to those in need.

SCC and the Christian Outreach Committee are collecting for the Seymour-Oxford Food Bank and the Spooner House. Any donations for the Spooner House will be delivered Weds., 12/16 so please bring in any items this Sunday, December 13th.

Non-Perishable food items may include:

Potatoes (white) canned/boxed/bagged
Canned Yams, Marshmallows
Gravy, Stuffing, Broth or Stock
Canned Vegetables, Canned Fruit
Cranberry sauce, Applesauce,
Mixed Nuts, Sugar, Salt
Bisquick, Quick Bread Mixes, Muffin Mix,
Gelatin, Pudding, Canned Pie Filling, Pie Crust Mix
Evaporated Milk, Powdered Milk
Juice (canned or boxed), Coffee or Tea
Foil Roasting Pans, Pie Pans
Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap
Paper Napkins/Paper Towels