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Thursday, July 24                    7:00 PM                       AA


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Dear Friends,

This week’s text falls directly upon last week’s, sort of like we are still in the field.  I have a rock garden that is being overtaken by weeds and flowers. I am no longer sure which is which. They all flower so why is it important.

Jesus is still sharing parables and they are very much about weeds and seeds. Jesus spent a lot of time suggesting how we are to behave in the garden.  This good earth is the Lord’s garden and maybe we should take a lesson from that. If Jesus spends so much time talking about the garden, maybe we should spend some reflective time about how behave in the garden. Do we feed the birds and chase away the squirrels? Do we share the crop? Do we help the person in the next garden tend to the soil? Who’s garden is it any why? See you Sunday.

Here is this week’s conference Spirted Wednesday for your reading.  Jack is an old friend. He is a retired Navy Chaplin who serves in the Connecticut Conference.

How Does It Grow

Today’s reflection written by the Rev. Jack Shackles, Jr.

Matthew 13: 16-17 (The Message)

But you have God-blessed eyes – eyes that see! And God-blessed ears – ears that hear! A lot of people, prophets and humble believers among them, would have given anything to see what you are seeing, to hear what you are hearing, but never had the chance.


How does a garden grow? I am not a gardener or farmer, but I am told that well planned gardens start with the correct soil mixture. Organic or natural, please. Straight furrows are prepared for seeds that have been carefully selected. Are they heirloom, open-pollinated seeds?

Every seed goes in their carefully prepared furrow, each to its own furrow. There is no indiscriminate tossing of seeds in these gardens. They are environments that are controlled to promote the best growth of the plant. Fences surround the gardens to keep away unwanted pests that might harm the plants.

What then do we make of the actions of the farmer in Jesus’ parable? He scattered seeds everywhere, not just on good soil. There were seeds on the road. Seeds in the gravel. Seeds in the weeds. Some might say he was full of new wine by the way he scattered seeds regardless of where they might land.

Others might say he was a farmer who sowed seeds in all places and trusted the growth to God. Some of the seeds he scattered fell on good soil. From those seeds, God grew an abundant harvest.

We are servants in fields the Holy Spirit has prepared and are called to proclaim the Good News at all times and in all places. We engage in acts of justice and show mercy to all. Our work is marked by extravagance trust that the seeds we scatter will reach those who are eager to hear and believe. God will grow the Kingdom from the seeds we plant and nurture.


Gracious God, make us extravagant sowers of seeds. We are co-workers in your fields. Forgive our desire to control the outcome and increase our faith and zeal for the work of your Kingdom. Amen.

The Rev. Jack Shackles, Jr. is pastor of Taftville Congregational Church, UCC.







Our video technician is taking a well deserved vacation and will return Mid August.  Videos of our worship services will resume at that time.



Next Sunday, July 27th, Grace Farmer will be 99 years old.  For those who would like to send her a card, her address is Shady Knoll, 43 Skokorat St., Seymour 06483.  Cherie will also have a card here at church for anyone who would like to sign it.  We will be forming a group to go visit her and have a little birthday celebration immediately following worship.  We will leave here at 11:00 AM, have a short visit, and leave Shady Knoll at 11:45 AM. There is a sign up sheet downstairs at coffee hour for those who would like to attend.  Plan on carpooling.

feed the hungry

The Seymour/Oxford Food Bank is in need of the following items:

1 lb. boxes of spaghetti.

Jello, pudding, spam, jam, jelly, canned fruit, instant potatoes, canned white potatoes.


“Lunch Bags of Love”

The Seymour Congregational Church Youth would like to help those children less fortunate have a hunger-free summer.  They have selected the following items to be donated to the Food Bank:

Breakfast:  Cereal, canned fruit, powdered milk, evaporated milk, instant oatmeal, pancake mix, pop-tarts, granola bars, cornbread or muffin mix, juice – cans and juice boxes.

Lunch:  Velveeta shells and cheese, Easy Mac, canned tuna or chicken, canned pasta, spam, canned or “cup of” soup, peanut butter, jelly, fluff, honey, Nutella, pudding or gelatin cups, fruit cups, applesauce, snack cracker packs, fruit snacks, Gatorade and flavored water.


-unfortunately we cannot accept perishable items, but anything else is most appreciated-

Please bring items to Seymour Congregational Church